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Support letter for Port Chester Firefighters

Port Chester firefighters support each other: letter

Career professional firefighters should have never been dismissed by Port Chester board, writes ex-volunteer firefighter George Wood in letter to editor

Re “Keep Port Chester’s paid firefighters,” May 11 letter:

Being born and raised in Port Chester and a former volunteer firefighter, I agree the career firefighters should have never been dismissed.

As a volunteer firefighter, we worked together with the career personnel and had a professional attitude about the job. The career firefighters were once volunteers themselves and worked their way to taking the test for career status and passed. The career professionals also helped volunteers, like myself, at the time and took their time doing it as best as they could and were good about it.

PORT CHESTER: Trustees face boos at 1st meeting since fire cuts

I want to clarify some information: Volunteers get the same type of training as the career firefighters and they choose to be interior and exterior. Volunteers also drove the trucks for their respective companies in the village.

There have been references to the deadly Gulliver’s fire on June 30, 1974. That was, unfortunately, a state jurisdiction. Greenwich was called instead of Port Chester, and no general alarm was sounded for a full-department response. We were only called a fire “company” at a time.

George Wood


Port Chester mayor greeted with boos over fire cuts Mark Lungariello/The Journal News