CSEA 2018 Legislative Updates


Civil Service Bills

S.8973 – Golden / A.11223 – Abbate: This legislation will grant labor class employees who have been in that class for a minimum of five years’ section 75 discipline rights.
Chapter 271

State Operations Bills

A.9563A – Gunther / S.7207 – Ortt: This bill would limit the length of time that a notice of closure or significant service reduction in the Office of Mental Health (OMH) is in effect to twenty-four months.
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

S.8200 – Marcellino / A.10442 – Gunther: This bill would prohibit the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) from privatizing any existing state-operated Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA).
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

S.8633 – Ortt / A.10951 – Lentol: This bill would require that 85% of proceeds from the sale of property owned by OPWDD be reinvested into state-operated OPWDD services.
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

S.6464A – Addabbo / A.4933B – Weprin: This bill would require state agencies to develop action plans to reduce the occurrence of workforce injuries.
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

S.7259A – Lavalle / A.10620 – Glick: This bill would clarify that the State University Health Science Centers are included in the SUNY maintenance of effort provision and require the State to provide General Fund operating support to cover all mandatory costs of collective bargaining agreements.
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

S.9103A – LaValle / A.11244 – Thiele: This bill is precedent-setting legislation relating to SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital. This legislation, which addressed a land-lease to build a new hospital for Southampton, creates new and comprehensive anti-outsourcing language; prohibits classified employees from being transferred to the unclassified service; prohibits the co-mingling of funds between SUNY and the new hospital; and prohibits classified employees at Stony Brook Hospital from being transferred to the SUNY Research Foundation or StaffCo. CSEA has fought for many of these provisions for years and this legislation will help set a precedent going forward relating to SUNY.
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

Pension Bills

S.5593A – Golden / A.7602A – Abbate: This bill would eliminate the lifetime reduction of a pension payment when an outstanding loan is repaid in full.
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

School Bills

S.8234 – Marcellino / A.10537 – Nolan: This bill would require school safety plans to include policies and procedures for school bus safety and require that school safety teams include bus drivers.
Passed Senate / Died In Assembly Education Committee

Local Governments

S.8284 – Phillips / A.10721 – Abbate: This bill would provide for a performance of duty disability retirement benefit for ambulance medical technician supervisors, ambulance medical technician coordinators, and ambulance medical technicians (AMTs) employed by Nassau County.
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

A.9667 – Paulin / S.7554 – Gallivan: This legislation would allow counties the option to provide full pay and benefits for county probation officers who are injured on the job.
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

S.8805 – Rules / S.10670 – Hooper: This legislation will allow Nassau County employees to take step increases even if the Nassau Interim Finance Agency (NIFA) imposes a second wage freeze on employees.
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

Retiree Bills

S.8118 – Tedisco / A.10337 – Abinanti: This bill would require local governments to provide retirees with at least 30 days notice prior to a health insurance premium change or significant change in coverage.
Passed Both Houses – Awaiting Delivery

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Danny Donohue Press Release July 18, 2018

Union busters have taken to harassing our members via their work email addresses, trying to get our members to act against their own interests by quitting our union. Please keep an eye out for these emails and let us know if you receive them. Do not respond to the email. Don’t be fooled by this tactic — these groups exist to benefit their deep pocketed donors, not us as working people. Contact Joanne Castaldo at CSEA Local 860 914.428.6452