Constitutional Convention: Why Vote No!!

Why Vote No

This November, New York voters will again vote whether or not to hold a state Constitutional Convention. Well-funded special interests and their lobbyists have already joined forces and are ready to spend millions in support of this referendum. This ballot question, however, could trigger devastating changes to the state constitution that would harm regular New Yorkers. Whether it’s the right to a quality public education, protections for our natural resources or defending our personal liberties and freedoms, a Constitutional Convention would give the big-money special interests, political insiders and lobbyists the ability to rewrite the State Constitution for their own benefit. Groups of hard-working New Yorkers from across the political spectrum are working to oppose this hundreds of millions of dollars boondoggle—a Constitutional Convention that would cater not to the people’s wishes, but to the worst of corrupt, Albany special-interest politics.


Is estimated to cost taxpayers a staggering $300 million. These are critical funds that should be used for education, fire and police protection, and tax cuts.

Will be run by the same politicians, lobbyists and special interest groups who have gamed the system for their own benefits, and led to rampant corruption in Albany.

Delegates to the convention are paid almost $80,000. They also get to hire their own staff, including their friends and relatives.

There is no timeframe for the completion of the convention process, and therefore the cost could become astronomical.

It would be very easy for extremist groups to hijack the convention, and force their radical agenda on all of us.

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